Innovative Solution for Hard Water
Chemical Free
Catalytic Water Conditioner

Zeta-Core products are unique with no true comparisons. Using the most current technology and great care in the Research and Development we make a superior water conditioner.

Furthermore, we are able to eliminate the effects of hard water by a process of fluid mechanics that changes the physical properties in water without using salts. By changing the physical properties in water, the water itself breaks down salt compounds of Magnesium and Calcium.

Chemical Free Water Conditioner

The catalytic alloy method applies the catalytic properties of several different metallic elements through reduction-oxidation reactions to produce electrochemical changes to the ions and molecules in the water through direct contact with these substances in the water solution.

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Swimming Pools

For swimming pools, the Catalytic Conditioner will continue to "treat" re-circulating water every time water passes through the unit. The result is crystal clear, soft feeling water and reduced  chlorine requirements for the pool.

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Microscope Analysis
Viewed at 400 Power

Untreated Water

After Zeta-Core
Treated Water

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