How Zeta-Core Works


Catalytic Water Conditioning

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There have been numerous and different technologies throughout the world accomplishing this result in varying levels of success using magnets, electrodes, radio frequency, etc.  Zeta-Core was developed with specific semi precious metals molded into an alloy core that is designed to afford the ability to treat water with excessive hardness of up to 1700 ppm. Most other commercial products can't exceed a level over 450 ppm hardness!

The Zeta-Core Catalytic Water Conditioner composition and design has been improved to provide more electrons to the water which will offer better inhibition and elimination of scale and corrosion formation, increase the cleaning power of water, inhibit algae, mildew and fungal growth, increase the penetrating ability of water, decrease the gaseous content of water and leach away excessive salts from soils.

Mineral build up in the form of hard scale is a common problem in water for household, agricultural and industrial uses. Minerals are only a problem when they are held together by a binder. Over the years it has been demonstrated that salt and/or calcium carbonate are not a problem unless they collect. They are left inert after passing through the Catalytic non chemical water conditioner and they do not accumulate on surfaces or in the structure of plants. Catalytic conditioned water provides a "soft" but not slippery feel and allows the use of less detergents and cleaning compounds, makes water penetrate soil faster, neutralizes the effects of minerals that cause hard water and allows many agricultural crops to flourish in what is commonly called "salty" water.

Zeta-Core's Technical Data (PDF)

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