Zeta-Core for Your Swimming Pool


Catalytic conditioned water has been found to have noticeable inhibiting effects on algae and fungus/mildew growth. In addition, it has been observed that chlorine stays in swimming pool water longer and does not have to be replenished as often.

For swimming pools, the Catalytic Conditioner will continue to "treat" re-circulating water every time water passes through the unit. The result is crystal clear water and reduced chlorine and other chemical requirement for the pool. Algae is reduced and soon eliminated since the conditioner removes the lime scale food source for algae. In addition, a process called plasmolysis, caused by the action of Catalytic conditioning, dehydrates the cells of the algae and results in a cell that cannot survive. Increased dissolved oxygen in water after passing through the Catalytic Conditioner prohibits the growth of anaerobic microorganisms.


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