ZetaCore Utilization



ZetaCore's chemical free water conditioner will help farmers and ranchers with water that is beneficial for live stock and crops. Fertilizer and chemicals will be utilized by the plants more efficiently.

Sprinklers and drip emitters will not clog with scale. The ZetaCore's Chemical Free Water Conditioner deflocculates soil and solublizes minerals and nutrients in the soil and water. This will allow better percolation and wetting of the soil. This will improve leaching and improve plant health and yield. Plant tip burn will be reduced with this chemical free water conditioner. Drip & sprinkler systems will be scale free.


ZetaCore in Your Home


ZetaCore's chemical free conditioner will eliminate scale formation in hot water heaters and on plumbing fixtures. This unit also reduces the amount of soap and cleaning supplies that you use around the house.

Dishes and clothes will be cleaner, swimming pools will use fewer chemicals and will be easier to maintain, water filtration devices will work more efficiently. Your landscape will thrive because salts are not being added. There can also be savings in water use. Unlike salt adding water softeners, ZetaCore's water is safe for all to drink.


ZetaCore in Your Business or Municipality


Industrial: The ZetaCore Conditioner will prevent and eliminate scale build up in Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Compressors, Pumps, Storage Tanks, Piping, etc. This will help extend the life of any apparatus or devices that convey water.

Institutional: The ZetaCore Conditioner will facilitate in the economical operation of Dishwashers, Drains, Fixtures, Coffee Makers, and Water Heaters by eliminating and preventing scale. The improved water will make for better tasting juices, gravies, coffee, etc.

Municipal: The ZetaCore when installed on the municipal water system will benefit the entire community by treating all the water entering every residents home.

Recreational: The ZetaCore will improve the turf conditions of parks, athletic fields, golf courses and all landscape areas where it is installed. As in the agricultural applications it will enhance plant health and improve the soil structure.


  • The above photos taken 6 months apart
  • Previously, salt and scale build up on tree trunks and severe defoliation
  • This course eliminated $15,000/yr of sulfuric acid for pH control
  • Less sodium, calcium, magnesium tied up in soil